Why Georgia Got Cheated Out of A National Championship


Alright. Alright. Alright. Yea, I know this article is way overdue. And yea, I know the game was over 6 months ago. But, believe it or not, I just got over it. Actually, I take that back. I’ll never get over it. But, I’m finally at a point now where I can talk about it. The wound was deep. Real deep. The super bowl is what originally caused it, and then that national championship game ripped the scab right off. It almost damn near killed me. We were up 20-7 with 5:20 in the 3rd quarter, Bama had their back-up QB and LT in the game, we were playing in Atlanta with a crowd that was about 75% UGA fans behind us, and somehow, someway we blew it. I honestly don’t think we will EVER be in a better position to win a National Championship game. It would’ve been one thing if we’d actually lost that game, but what hurt the most (and what I’ll never get over) is the fact that I truly believe Georgia got cheated out of a national championship. And to make matters worse, we let it happen in our own state, in front of a crowd that was 75% UGA fans, and like true Georgia sports fans always do…..we took it and let it happen.

I’ll begin with this: TYLER SIMMONS WAS ONSIDES!!!!

The video below is all the proof you need. The refs get that one call right, and it’s ballgame. Georgia would’ve had the ball inside Bama’s 10, up 13-0 at the start of the 3rd quarter……can you say ballgame.

Oh yea, and as Harry Lyles Jr at Sbnation points out, 3 Bama players appear to have false started on that play as well. But of course, not one ref noticed that…..

Then there was the blatant and shocking missed facemask call on D’andre Swift…..

(also pointed out in the SBnation article)

Then Mack Wilson shoved Jake Fromm in the back of the head, in front of a ref, and of course no call (also included in the SBnation article….it’s a really well done piece!)….The worst part, is that Wilson didn’t even look around for a flag. It was like he knew he could get away with it…..

Oh yea, and guess what…..On Bama’s 4th and 4 TD pass to tie the game, their wide receiver on the far side was offsides . If you watch the video, you’ll notice that the receiver was in pretty much the exact same spot and side of the field that Tyler Simmons was when he was called offsides. But of course, when it’s the Bama player doing it, the ref magically misses it.

Mekhi Brown even punched a Georgia player on a kickoff, and somehow, someway didn’t get thrown out…..hmmm

Then there was the Dominick Sanders INT that was called incomplete in the 4th quarter with 9:28 left…..ok, i’ll admit this one was a close call, but yet another one that went Bama’s way.

(2:25:25 mark of the video)

A flag, which appeared to be a holding call on Bama, on their first scoring drive with 10:25 left in the 3rd quarter, was also mysteriously picked up…..1:45:29 mark of the video

And last, but not least, on Bama’s scoring drive to tie the game, during a timeout in the 4th quarter, an Alabama hype video was played on the halo screen, while Sweet Home Alabama was blasted over the speaker system. This video got their players and crowd going, and no doubt gave them some extra motivation. To my knowledge, there was not one single Georgia hype video played throughout the game…..hmmmm

I think it’s pretty clear that there was a pattern here. If it was just one, two, hell maybe even three bad calls, I would’ve given the refs the benefit of the doubt. But, arguably 7 botched calls, all going against Georgia in the 2nd half. That’s a damn pattern. And based on that logic, this game was a fix!

There’s hundreds of millions of dollars on the line in big games like this, and you can’t tell me that these refs, who make i dunno, maybe 5k, for these games, aren’t tampered with. In fact, I am 100% convinced that they are gotten too. Bama boosters, the SEC, ESPN, sports gamblers, there’s plenty of people who stood to benefit financially by Alabama winning and the dynasty continuing.

In summary, Georgia was cheated out of the national championship. We didn’t lose that game, it was taken from us. It wasn’t a fair, level playing field. It was a fixed event, that we were lead to believe was fair. And for that reason, Bama isn’t my national champion (and neither is UCF). Georgia is!

Btw I guarantee that if that game was played in Birmingham and Bama had been cheated like that by the refs, they would’ve killed them… doubt about it.

One last thing: TYLER SIMMONS WAS ONSIDES!!!! #MakeGeorgiaGreatAgain


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